The many cultures of the World have handed down through the generations their lore of the gods. These mythos vary from people to people, but for the most part are variations on the same stories. In this campaign, every human character would have grown up hearing the Telmerian Dogma, the cultural myths common to the continent. Characters of other races would have heard the tales of their own people.

Telmerian Dogma

This is the common doctrine taught to children growing up on the continent of Telmeria. It is also the basis for the teachings of most churches on Telmeria, although each faith has its own minor variations. It is notable for its focus on Arnagrimm and Apastor, as well as putting heavy emphasis on the struggle between the gods and the dragons.

The most orthodox form of the dogma is taken from The Tales of St. Magnus, a collection of parables and teachings about the gods and the early history of the World. Some of the more well-known tales are included here:

Tale of the Realization


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