Tale of the Realization

One day, the Lord-Father Realized himself into being. The first form he took for himself was that of a storm cloud, which is why thunderstorms are considered sacred to the Lord-Father. He saw that he was the first being to live, think, and act, in all of existence. The Lord-Father knew that he was also the most powerful, and that he would be responsible for creating, teaching, and guiding all other life. That is why he took for himself the name of Lord-Father. He has many other names, but the one we use most is Arnagrimm.

As a storm cloud, the Lord-Father looked down upon his home, the Magic Mountain. This, too, has many names, but the most common one is Artaheim. Beneath the clouds soared the high peaks of Artaheim, which rested on steep cliffs, which stretched down into rolling hills, which spread out as wide plains, which finally became the shores on the Lake of Visions. If one has especially keen eyesight, and one were to look out into the night sky at Midwinter, when Artaheim shines most brightly, one could see those same features on the slopes of the Magic Mountain.

In fact, the Magic Mountain you can see now is the same view that the Lord-Father had all those thousands of years ago. It is eternal and unchanging. Artaheim had existed even before the Realization, and is so old that not even the gods can tell its age. Perhaps the Lord-Father knows, but if so, he has never revealed it.

Arnagrimm then became a grey mist and descended upon Artaheim, exploring the sacred forests upon the hills, and the holy depths of the Lake of Visions, and the secret caves within the peaks. And, although he found fertile and lush growing things, and many beautiful and happy animals, he felt it to be a great loss that only he could enjoy the beauty and presence of these things. So the Lord-Father decided to create his first children.

Combining his might and his wisdom, Arnagrimm created the first three of the gods. The First-Born was the Sun-Child, known to us as Apastor. The Second-Born was the King-of-All-Winds, whom we call Kroma. The Third-Born, beloved by all, was the Grey Queen, who we call upon in our prayers as Walevala. Alumnus is the title we give to any god created by the Lord-Father, and, thus, these were the first Alumni.

The Lord-Father, pleased with his work, returned to the shape of a cloud and floated back to the peaks of Artaheim. Like any father, he watched over his childrens’ first steps, giving them room to learn but ready to protect them if need be. And his children became involved with all manner of adventures and events, but those are tales of their own.

Thus ends the Tale of the Realization.

Tale of the Realization

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