Cold Nights in Arcosa

A chill wind rushes against you, nearly blowing you off the steep cliff, and you huddle deeper in your cloak. The whole city of Tyreton is built up against a mountain, neighborhoods layered on top of one another in tiers; you are three tiers up, navigating a windy path leading to a large structure built right on the edge of a sheer drop. Through the mist and falling snow, you can make out a sign hanging above the door, painted with the image of a rat standing on its hind legs, wearing a crown. Through the windows you can see a blazing hearth, and an old man with a long, white beard seated by the fire. Your feet crunch in the fallen snow as you head towards the warmth and light of the tavern.

Then, where there was only empty path, a figure appears in the fog and swirling snow. The figure’s skin and clothing seem to be cast from unnatural shades of white and grey, and he seems slightly translucent – you can almost see the lights of the inn through his body. His features are sad but regal. and his tunic bears the Duke’s crest. This must be the ghost of Kintyre the First, founder of Tyreton!

He speaks in a voice as dry as the grave, “Great adventure awaits you, but also great danger. Do you have what it takes to thrive and conquer in this harsh land? Only time will tell…”

With that, the ghost of Kintyre I fades away and disappears, leaving you alone in the snow. You shudder, draw you cloak tighter about your body, and hurry on to the tavern.

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Cold Nights in Arcosa